What is GCT Foundation? GCT Foundation is the team of the researchers and developers as well as the operators of the GCT products. It will work closely with a number of well-known global router manufacturers to help them upgrade their routers to blockchain routers. Having received the underlying technology of blockchain from GCT, other blockchain projects could purchase points and receive related services, in which GCT will provide the bandwidth, storage, the hashing power, development tools and other resources. At the same time, the users of the router manufacturers will also receive GCT or other token rewards by providing resources.

Routers are decentralized network equipment naturally. There is a tendency for traditional router manufacturers to transform their products to blockchain routers, and we are able to provide them with technology and its operational solutions.


What will GCT provide for other blockchain projects?

1. The purchasing service for points.

2. The costs of promotion, marketing and other activities on the GCT platform.

3. The rewarded tokens for the users having provided resources.


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